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This will then update all tracks on the album to show the album art.In the tools bar at the top click ‘tag sources', scroll down to ‘cover art' and then select a website to retrieve the artwork from.Will experiment with adding my own art and seeing if it pulls through Match, and update here.

I have had little luck with getting album art for CDs and after using i Tunes, got about 40% Using Clean UP increased this to about 80% but I have been trying to insert the art manually in GET INFO (after finding the artwork on line) for the remaining ones.MP3 File didn't get updated try Convert ID3, use version 2.3 then try again. Song file is read-only on the operating system, check it in Windows Explorer and fix. Song is being accessed by a different program at the time, WMP is playing the song you are updating, remote system is playing through i Tunes while updating.Thanks for the suggestions but I didn't really understand no:1.But did you know plenty of Windows apps manage your i Device? The double Twist software package is an amalgamation of five different apps.You can install as many or as few of them as you wish. It adds Air Sync and Air Play support, automatic album artwork retrieval, ad-free podcasts, and an equalizer.

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