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“Participants' speech will be measured using the Real-Time Analysis of Speech Fluency (RTASF) scale, which provides a measure of various types of disfluency occurring in a speech sample,” said Mr Walkom.

“This will be accomplished by observing the participant and coding their speech by counting fluency and identifying typical behaviours of stuttering.

No one else seemed to talk like me and none of my favorite television shows had characters who sounded like me.

Even though an estimated three million Americans stutter, it didn’t seem like any of those people were around me.

There will also be a scene to decrease the individual's anxiety levels, and to calm them.” The software provides feedback on a user’s anxiety levels, showing progress and indicating ways to improve, and also tracks their eye movements.

“When someone stutters, they can also involuntarily look away from the person they’re speaking to and their eyelids may close or flicker,” added Mr Walkom.

This comprehensive approach has the potential to improve quality of life and engagement in everyday activities for people who stutter.It took a long time for me to come to terms with my stutter.Growing up, I didn’t want to admit that sometimes I repeated a word or phrase or letter before getting it out.In particular, a growing body of research has demonstrated an alarmingly high rate of social anxiety disorder among adults who stutter.Social anxiety disorder is a prevalent and chronic anxiety disorder characterised by significant fear of humiliation, embarrassment, and negative evaluation in social or performance-based situations.

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It took a while for me to learn that there were celebrities who stutter and others who have made a difference by portraying people who do.

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