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All these actions can be configured using Client Agent settings in SCCM console and assign these settings to collections with priority.

More information about Client agent settings and configuration ,refer This evaluation Cycle is applicable to software deployments (applications) .

This action will re-evaluates the requirement rules for all deployments and make sure the application is installed on the computer. This actions can be considered as Heartbeat Discovery cycle.

This action will resend the client information to site and keeping the client record Active ‘I am live’,also responsible to submits a client's installation status to its assigned site(Status: Yes).

When it comes to the deployment of the updates I have created two collections; one for my test clients and then one for all clients.

I have then assigned deployment templates to these collections to handle the deployment process. It is also a good place to start when first starting to use SCCM to deploy software updates.

If you are migrating the client from SP1 to R2 or R2 to CU1 ,it takes time to get the client version update in Console and update action is carried out by this Cycle.

Heartbeat Discovery actions are recorded on the client in the Inventory If you accidentally delete a computer from the configmgr console, do not be panic, it will automatically "come back" if it is still active on the network.

Deployment templates are used to easily deploy software updates in a consitent manner based on the deployment settings you configure such as restart time, interation by users etc.One of the unfortunate aspects of being an SCCM administrator is client maintenance.When deploying applications, monitoring installations, and performing inventories, having up to date client records is very important.When deciding to use SCCM to deploy software updates some time should be taken to plan your release process and the strategy you want to take with regards to deploying updates.Microsoft has created a good document which can be downloaded from here.

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It got into the PE environment and shortly after initiating the network settings, the client just rebooted with nothing to do.

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