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It's used for installing basic files, most important the Client Loader (CL) that enables further download of the actual game content.It is highly recommended to download the installer from the official website ( only: Dynamic content can only be downloaded after the installation of the Client Loader.The Entropia Universe is very packet intense and many WLAN device manufacturers fail to meet the requirements for running such traffic wireless.Another difficulty that makes it hard for us to support WLAN is the variety of solutions available for WLAN, making it near to impossible to par up with knowledge-wise and to offer support about.Your computer will, however, still be vulnerable to attacks if you do not have a good general protection (firewall, router, anti-virus software etc.).Entropia Pocket uses a standard software program package developed by Google, based on the Google Authenticator.You can send these documents together with your request in a Support Case Note: To keep your account as secure as possible, we recommend you to continue to use 2-factor authentication.

If you use the Gold Card System according to our recommendations, your Entropia Universe account and your virtual assets are safe.If you experience rubberbanding when being in Entropia Universe and your Windows XP computer has an AMD or Intel dual core processor, we advise you to download a dual core optimizer from Microsoft.If you are using AMD Athlon 64 X2, Turion X2, Dual Core Opterons or similar, download and install these two files below: 1. you are using Intel Pentium 4 w/ HT, Pentium D, Core Duo, Core 2 Duo or Dual Core Xeons download and install this file: XP-KB896256-v4-x86* If you are not able to locate the 'Launch' button, please check your own screen resolution settings.Client update has been released, please restart your client and allow the Client Loader to patch your installation.This Client patch is released to fix the issue which in some incidents has prevented Avatars from picking ...

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Downloading Entropia Universe is fairly easy, it's a multiple-step process but mostly running automatically.

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