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"He identifies someone whom he believes he can take advantage of, befriends them and then engages in this type of behavior."Prosecutor say on two occasions that summer, Ferinden took the boy to his Deptford Township apartment, kissed him on the mouth, massaged his body and would rub his private parts against the boys body. It's got to be a sickness."Said Shannon: "What happens is that the parents trust the coaches and stuff like that and there's a trust level and it gets crossed. It's a shame."Ferinden coached and ran clinics all up and down the northeastern United States--including Pennsylvania. A source told Fox29 he surrendered to authorities in Gloucester county Friday.

Said Sean Dalton, the Gloucester county prosecutor, in announcing the charges, "It is especially devastating when persons entrusted with the care and supervision of young people violate that trust."For many years, Ferinden coached youth hockey and ran clinics."I feel like it's happening because we are a gay interracial couple in this town and we're being targeted," Halliwell explained. Shamus Ellis saw him and approached, but wouldn't talk."... Halliwell filed internal affairs complaints which were eventually investigated by the Camden County Prosecutor's office.I just can't comment right now..."They say the former Police Chief Fran Mc Kinney also did nothing. No criminal wrongdoing by police says a special prosecutor but Halliwell spoke to her by phone.Clementi's death started a national conversation about the treatment of young gays, and his parents, Joe and Jane Clementi, later founded the Tyler Clementi Foundation to combat online and offline bullying, harassment and humiliation.In a statement issued after the hearing, Jane and Joe Clementi said they have learned a lot through the process of pleas, convictions, time served and appeals."We learned at the trial that what happened to Tyler was a lot worse than what was initially related to us.

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