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Travelling at well over 100 kmh the Porsche ended up in a ditch and burst into flames inflicting head injuries and putting the Milan star into a coma.

At just 24 years old his top line career was effectively over.

For now there are no information for the cause of the fight nor if this is the only incident between Stanovic and Jaksic crew.“It’s very important to speak out about this, because it has to be known that there are men out there that support women and women’s rights,” Atkinson said. Everyone deserves the same rights, and it’s not fair that women can be degraded through speech or actions.” The 17-year-old added that Trump’s remarks about women are not reflective of the conversations he and his teammates have in the locker room.“As an athlete I spend a lot of time in the locker room, and I’m around plenty of other athletes, and we definitely don’t talk in a way that could degrade women,” he said.This video also shows that Jaksis, who was on a warrant list, was secretly in Belgrade at the beginning of 2015.The year after this incident, second man of this infamous narco-clan was arrested in Peru.

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