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It's been five years and six months since Australian beauty Delta Goodrem and younger heartthrob Nick Jonas split.So the internet was sent into a frenzy when the pair were seen sharing a heavy-handed embrace in West Hollywood on Monday. Nick Jonas found himself in the same room as Delta Goodrem last night, the Australian singer-songwriter he dated for nearly a year back in 2012.Luckily, this chance run-in was far from awkward and the pair embraced the moment for a social media snapshot.Rumours are rife that Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas are back together after the exes were spotted at together in LA on Tuesday.And on Wednesday the Australian singer was spotted for the first time since the reunion but refused to confirmed whether she and Nick are dating.The “Remember I Told You” singer and While Nick and Delta’s reunion does NOT mean they are dating again (remember — exes can be friends, people!

If you were a diehard Jonas Brothers fan back in the day, you’ll have vivid memories of the time Nick Jonas dated Australian singer Delta Goodrem.She’s great, I love her,” Nick and Delta’s relationship seemingly faded into the abyss as time passed.But we have good news for you, Nelta shippers — the former couple recently reunited!Both Nick and Delta shared a black and white photo from their evening spent with mutual friends, where they just so happened to be sporting similar denim-on-denim ensembles."Good night with good people," the "Chains" crooner captioned the picture.

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When the talk show host asked him about wearing the ring, the youngest member of the now defunct Jonas Brothers said: 'I don't regret it.

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