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When you are dating as an adult, it is important that your lifestyles and life stages mesh.

If one of you is more stable than the other—for example, financially or emotionally—then reevaluate whether this person is right for you.

The phrase “Next time, I’ll treat you” can only apply if there will, indeed, be a second date. Don’t be overly flirty or ask her back to your place. Casual flirting is fine, but make sure to “feel out,” not “feel up,” your date.

If you want a second date and sense that she has potential, then let the chemistry continue to build until you see each other a few more times. Consider your lifestyle and life stage when choosing someone to date.

What once was talked about in private and looked at or kept a secret, not to mention hard to get your hands on is how flowing freely into our homes and into the eyes, hearts and minds of our young people.

What used to be considered perverse is now very normal and mainstream to many.

Some hit me straight up for ‘nudes’ or whatever, but I simply don’t reply to those or if I do it’s to call them out on their manners.

But if these men were truly misogynistic, surely they would throw hate back at me, and yet they never do.

Communication Communication is critical to the three other characteristics already discussed.

It is how we share respect, honesty, and trust with a partner.

Strong relationships demonstrate an openness to conversation about all decisions in the relationship, particularly around value-based decisions such as sex.

Dating is not equivalent with a sexual relationship.

(News USA) – Being single during the holidays doesn’t have to feel like adding insult to injury.

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