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I noticed that your blog focuses on locations and there is a favorite I like to draw near to where I live in Rockaway Beach…namely Hangar B at Floyd Bennett Field.A historic location and the site of many world speed and distance records for flight, it is now largely abandoned. 975-55i-dc22 Copyright(c)20o6 by the Department of Pub Hc Libraries, City of Virginia Beach, Virginia 23456-3414. Cape Henry, First Landing State Park, and the Lighthouses 39 by Dorothy Tyson Harland 7. Lifesaving Stations and Shipwrecks 71 by Dorothy Tyson Harland 11. This reference map gives the reader a basic reference to the geography of Virginia Beach and the major places mentioned in the text. War on Princess Anne Soil by Martha Lewis Taylor 59 10. Virginia Beach Today by Martha Lewis Taylor 113 Appendix 1 A Survey of Historic Families by Mary Lovell Swetnam 127 Appendix 2 A Survey of Historic Homes by Mary Lovell Swetnam 133 Index 143 Reference Map Many names used in this book refer to places known to local residents but which may not be familiar to others.In 2015/16 it reopened and though the hours to visit are very limited I made my way to document the interior space featuring all the historic airships found there.My first drawing (at the top) was made prior to the Hangar’s reopening in delaware, co colorado, nv nevada, KY KENTUCKY, pa pennsylvania, PA PENNSYLVANIA, NY NEW YORK, SC SOUTH CAROLINA, ar arkansas, il illinois, OH OHIO, IL ILLINOIS, MA MASSACHUSETTS, Visit Anarchist Sites (SHOCKING-CONTROVERSIAL INFO) Track Down People Who OWE YOU Money - Find Their Assets! Noverta , LEANDRY, WOODLING, QUENCER, GOELTZ, GIEGER, JANNUSCH, MINNITT, OLINICK, SYLVE, N.

They are the foundation on which our edition is built.CT CONNECTICUT, md maryland va virginia, ia iowa, AZ ARIZONA MS MISSISSIPPI, ms mississippi, VA VIRGINIA, in indiana Louisiana , AR ARKANSAS, Michigan , NC NORTH CAROLINA, sc south carolina, Oregon, Washington , MT MONTANA, SD SOUTH DAKOTA, vt vermont, OR OREGON Texas , id idaho, New Hampshire , sd south dakota, UT UTAH, Wyoming, nj new jersey, az arizona, NM NEW MEXICO Maine , Nevada , ca california, nc north carolina, Missouri , ID IDAHO, CA CALIFORNIA, wy wyoming. Jayne Karl NEEDY, Shawn, RADONA, KNAPKE, ALGEO, Harris, Gail DIFELICE, LOTHROP, S.Utah , la louisiana, Kentucky , KS KANSAS, NH NEW HAMPSHIRE, Minnesota , mo missouri WY WYOMING. RUMBACH, RIVIRA, BONGE, DIONEFF, EUTON, SLIMMON, SUSANIN, DAVIDOVICZ, ZAHOR, PANSHI, H.^^^Kf'* ^St^ The Beach: A History of Virginia Beach, Virginia Virginia Beach Public Library Digitized by the Internet Archive in 2011 with funding from LYRASIS members and Sloan Foundation OOunse The Beach A History of Virginia Beacli, Virginia REFERENCE DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY Municipal ^^^^«^^,^Sd% Cits of ^''rgrnia Beach, Bldg i / Citv ot ^"rguua ijwt*-"- "-- 9425 Pn"'^'^'^"^ ^^^'^ ^ Virginia ^^IT^'^2^^^' Courtesy of the Francis Land House Queen 1/i/ie (1665-1714) This portrait of Anne, Queen of Great Britain, is attributed to the school of Sir Godfrey Kneller and was painted circa 1710. The modern day city of Virginia Beach was formed in 1963 from the merger of Princess Anne County (named for her when she was Princess Anne) and the Town of Virginia Beach. The Friends provided the funding to publish this edition of The Beach.The Beach A History of Virginia Beacli, Virginia REFERENCE DO NOT REMOVE FROM LIBRARY Third Edition The Virginia Beach Public Library 2006 Cataloging -in-Publication Data The Beach : a history of Virginia Beach, Virginia / Virginia Beach Pub Hc Library . We are grateful for all the work that The Friends undertake on behalf of the Library and for their work toward the advancement of a literate populace.

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